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Some Student Testimonials

I really enjoyed this course: all the modules were superbly taught and well structured. There was always a good mix of theory and practice with plenty of exercises to go through. I would recommend this course to those looking at ways to improve their approach to problem solving, communication, presentation and analytical skills. The teachers were always very helpful and constantly asked for feedback on all aspects of the modules. The course overall was inspiring, fun, very useful. It was also hard work but that also taught us to become even better organised.

Elisa Sperati, PayPal, Spring 2012

As a Business Analyst within a financial institution, I found this course hugely beneficial to my role. Each module was well thought out, well placed and well executed. The lecturers welcomed a high level of engagement from and allowed us to apply real life scenarios to what normally would be hypothetical examples. I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 months, it was a long term investment to my career and I would recommend it to any company or individual considering formal training. Within 6 months of completing the course I was promoted. Thanks to the lecturers and organisers for all their hard work and efforts…

Averil Madill, Business Design Authority, Group Change Management, Bank of Ireland

I would consider myself a ‘mature student’ who has operated in varying Business Analyst and Project Manager roles in a bank. I cannot not speak highly enough for the course. It provides a context for change at both a personal and organisational level, and provides practical techniques for successfully implementing change. I really enjoyed the case studies and the sharing of experience with other participants. I would recommend the course to both mature students and to younger ones looking to develop their career as a business analyst or team leader. For anyone with management ambitions, the course would be really advantageous.

Dominic Martin, Senior Manager Operational Risk Management, Accbank

Listening to user requirements and analysing the available options to find the best solution are key skills in my job. The course helped me develop these skills and was also helpful in terms of writing accurate and complete requirement documents. There were a lot of methodologies and techniques discussed and practical usage of them was a central part of the course. I would recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in having a career as a Business Analyst. Listening to user requirements and analysing the available options to find the best solution are skills which I find to be important to the position.

Colm Reid, Business Analyst, Realex Payments

I work as a Business Analyst and found that the program is the ideal forum to broaden the technical and people skills required to excel in the Business Analyst role. I would recommend this program to any Business Analyst aspiring to learn current business practices and techniques, and affirm existing skills. The lectures and organisation are first rate.

Kieran Creaton, Senior Business Analyst, RBS Technology Services’

As a Business Analyst having the ability to elicit requirements, manage change, and communicate effectively is vitally important. The course helped me develop these skills and introduced me to countless new tools and techniques that have already had a positive impact in my job. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in having a career as Business Analyst or to any Business Analysts who want to up skill. The course is delivered at a smooth pace, assignments and project work are very interesting and the lectures are very knowledgeable and approachable and always happy to answer and expand on any queries you have.

Graeme Stein, Business Analyst with AEGON commenting on the course in April 2012.

This course provided the fundamental foundation of core business consultancy skills, knowledge and hands-on practical experience needed to succeed as a Business Analyst in today’s competitive marketplace. The focus of the course is on learning real-world business analysis skills that can be applied in the workplace to improve business problems that impact upon cost, process efficiency, service quality and better support the customer and the solutions needed to remain competitive.

The course is very well structured, highly interactive and combines lectures, discussions, active workshops and demonstrations of business analysis and change management techniques. The course teaches both practical and theoretical techniques on the overall core competencies of Business Analysis and where it fits in the bigger picture of the project life cycle and the business context.

The successfully completion of the NCI Certificate in Business Analysis and Consultancy was packed with subjects covering a diverse range of perspectives, classmates from various industries, articles, deadlines, projects, presentations and most importantly lots of fun, support and camaraderie. The highlight for me was working with and learning from the other members of the class. I particularly enjoyed the team work involved in the group assignments. They were a fantastic mix of people in the class with a huge range and depth of experience.

Business Analysts enable organisations improve how they conduct their operations and activities in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of scarce resources and better support the customer and the solutions needed to remain competitive in a global economy.I found it very rewarding and am delighted I did it and would recommend it strongly to anyone who is interested in pursuing a successful career in business consultancy. Michael Keane, who works in Bank of Ireland, Group Finance completed the course at the National College of Ireland in 2006.